Anxiety Damaging Your Relationships and Career?

Anxiety is the #1 disorder in the world. Despite so many time tested and effective (Medication Free) strategies available, you may still feel helpless in the face of anxiety.

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It's time to stop allowing anxiety to control your life!

You may feel helpless in the face of anxiety, but you don't have to be! I've helped thousands of patients overcome their anxiety and start feeling in control again. Your anxiety is no different. These simple strategies have been proven to work for anyone. Don't suffer any longer! Let me help you start enjoying life again.

Anxiety Is Robbing You Of Living Your Best Life!

It doesn't have to be this way. You can manage anxiety without the need for medication or illegal drugs.


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Feel Relaxed

Let go of stress and create balance in your life.  

Find Peace

Be more mindful and at peace while feeling empowered to control anxiety

Face your Fears

 Put your irrational fears behind you and start reaching for your goals!!

The Most Comprehensive Training About Anxiety

By enrolling in this 6 week course you will learn:

  •  How to understand your anxiety in the context of genetics and environmental factors.
  • How to calm your fight or flight response that makes you more prone to anxiety.
  • How to use effective strategies like Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to manage your stress level and challenge your irrational thoughts and beliefs.  
  • How to use EFT or Tapping, Grounding Exercises, Guided meditation, QiGong and Energy work, Journaling, as well as the use of essential oils and aroma therapy to manage anxiety.
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Why 6 Weeks?

Getting long term solutions to Anxiety takes more than just quick tips

Unlike many other programs, this is NOT a quick fix approach to managing Anxiety.  

Gaining control over your anxiety takes time.  Just as with therapy, it takes time to fully understand the source of your anxiety and get to the root of your issues.  This program teaches you to really look at the core reason for your anxiety and helps you to gain mastery over your symptoms.  

Each week you will go deeper to understanding your anxiety and will have weekly homework assignments that focuses on better management of your anxiety. 

You will also learn weekly quick tip strategies to managing anxiety to add to your tool box.  

Below is a summary of what you'll learn each week...


Week 1

In week 1 you will start your transformational journey by learning how genetics impacts your anxiety and what you can do about it.  

Week 2

In week 2 you will learn the powerful role fear plays in your anxiety and learn strategies that help you overcome your fears.   

Week 3

Week 3 is all about stress and how you can manage it properly.  We focus on releasing harmful beliefs AND creating balance and peace in your life.  

Week 4

In week 4 we will address how past history of trauma can impact anxiety and discuss effective strategies to managing trauma related anxiety.  

Week 5

In week 5, you will learn all about the power of Energy Medicine to heal your Anxiety.  

Week 6

Week 6 is Graduation!  We will wrap up the 6 weeks Course and focus on steps to move forward.  

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About Dr. Sekandari

Dr. Sekandari is a holistic and integrative licensed clinical psychologist specializing in Anxiety Disorders.  

Since 2008, Dr. Sekandari has been helping patients get control of the anxiety that was standing in the way of living a calm and peaceful life.  Many of her patients have regained control of their career goals and dared to dream again.

Not only does Dr. Sekandari have experience working with anxiety as a psychologist but she has also struggled with her own anxiety as well as witnessed family members struggle with anxiety her whole life.  Dr. Sekandari's understanding of anxiety goes deeper than textbooks and training.  Dr. Sekandari has experienced first hand the impact of anxiety on the well being of her family.  

"Thank God I have learned how to retrain my brain! I’ve been able to heal and have the coping strategies to deal with any symptoms of anxiety and depression. I’ve actually been free from any anxiety and depression for a long time. I’m proactive and know how to deal with my thoughts before anything gets out of control. For this I’m grateful to God and thankful that he had me meet Dr. Sekandari to teach me these life skills. What I liked best about working with Dr. Sekandari was her compassion and sincerity.Working with Dr. Sekandari has helped me and my life has forever changed and I no longer have anxiety and depression that interferes with my life. I would most definitely recommend Dr. Sekandari to anyone dealing with any mental health challenges. The most important thing people should know about Dr. Sekandari is she is genuine, professional and compassionate. Working with Dr Sekandari was an answer to my prayer for healing and recovering from the prison of my OCD thoughts."

"I would unequivocally recommend Dr. Sekandari to anyone looking to better themselves using a holistic approach. She is an empathetic therapist that is committed to her clients.The most important thing people should know is that Dr. Sekandari changed my daughter’s life and helped us heal as a family. She goes above and beyond for her clients. If you want that for yourself or someone you know, then she is the therapist to go to.There are not enough words to express the gratitude we have for Dr. Sekandari’s help. "

"Working with Dr. Sekandari helped me with my daughters anxiety issues. I appreciated the resources provided to us... they helped set up a plan on how to deal with her anxiety. What I liked best about working with Dr. Sekandari were the resources for my daughter such as diet advice, meditation, and tapping. The areas I've benefitted the most have been using the plan to address anxiety with my daughter, and for myself. "

"Dr. Sekandari is not only knowledgeable, but friendly and supportive. She is a real person going through life just like her clients. That makes her real. That makes her accessible. Not scary. And a pleasure to work things out with.Thank you for all of your help. "

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is for educational purposes only.  We do not diagnose or prescribe a treatment plan specific to your particular concerns. 

We offer generalized information proven to work with anxiety based disorders.  

Therapy on the other hand will take your unique circumstances into consideration and recommend a treatment plan tailored to your unique symptoms.  

No, you do not need to stop taking your medication for this plan to be beneficial.  In fact, the suggestions in this course will make your meds work better for you.  

I focus on a holistic and integrative approach to treating anxiety and will not address prescription medication.  I will however discuss natural treatment options such as diet, exercise, meditation, supplements, and aromatherapy as effective ways to treat anxiety.  

This course is a self paced, self directed program that will help those who are self motivated to take back control of their anxiety.  

If you need direct guidance and individual support, this program is not recommended for you.  It is highly suggested then that you seek individual or group mental health support from a local trained mental health professional.  

Although this course has a lot of great strategies that can help you feel better, it will not address the specific trauma and depression you may be struggling with. 

You may need additional support from a local trained mental health professional to help you sort out the trauma and depression.  

As part of the bonus material included in your purchase, you will be granted membership for 90 days.

Members will have a private, once a month, group coaching call with Dr. Sekandari, where they get:

  • Continued support
  • Get questions answered
  • Get additional resources emailed throughout the month. 

The coaching calls will be recorded and made available in the membership section and available to you if you are not able to attend live. 

Members will also get FREE access to any upgrades made to the 6 week course in the future. 

Bonuses Included

Pricing Options

6 payments/Once a month Access


Per month (Total price $2100)



6 Payment Plan

Pay in Full


One time Payment...Life time Access!

Includes all Bonuses plus the  FREE 90 Day Membership ($355 value)



Pay in Full + 90 Day Membership

3 Easy Payments/weekly access


PER MONTH (Total price $2100)

Membership not included  


3 Payment Plan

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You will have 30 days to try out the program.  If, after trying out the suggested exercises,  you do not find the program beneficial, contact us and we will give you your money back.  

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